Q| Who are you?
A| My name is Giulia (don't panic, it's pronounced the same as Julia), I'm 20 and I'm in my second year at university studying Psychology.

Q|Where are you from?
A| I'm originally from Milan, Italy. But I now live in Worcester (sometimes in Bristol), UK.

Q|What size are you?
A| Usually a 10. Shoe Size 3. I have the tiniest feet in the world \(^▽^)/

Q| What are your favourite brands?
A| Too many to name! I'm currently obsessed with anything Lavish Alice. Topshop of course, UO, AA, Dark Pink London, LaModa UK, The Ragged Priest... and many more!

Q| Any facts about you?
A| I speak 4 languages (italian, english, spanish and german), shopaholic & proud, and I have refined sensitivity toward the beauties of art and nature.